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Virtual 5k for Less Leg More Heart

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The Association of Exercise Science Students (AESS) appreciates your donation to our fundraiser for, Less Leg More Heart. Former UNH Exercise Science Undergraduate, Tina Hurley, was diagnosed with a rare condition called Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome which resulted in 3 amputee surgeries above her left knee. Despite her surgeries, Tina went on to become a world champion CrossFit athlete and competed on the US Paralympic bobsled team.

After going through her own medical journey, her philanthropic heart led her to supporting others through their new diagnosis and disabilities. The intent of Less Leg More Heart "is to spread hope, decrease suffering and to enhance physical/mental viability" for patients and their families. All proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit the lives of individual's who share the same story as Tina.

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